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Air Cleaners

Air Cleaners

Along with heating and cooling, air cleaners are another important factor to examine when deciding on the best indoor quality systems. Not only do they remove contaminants that can be harmful to your family's health, but they keep the air you breathe clean and many can even rid your house of unwanted odors from sources such as pets and smoke.

Here at J.E. Johnson, our experienced technicians will help you determine what cleaner is best for your home. Once you've decided on the system that fits your needs, we not only offer complete installation - we also provide service and maintenance, ensuring that your system functions efficiently so that you can breathe easy.

Air Cleaners v. Air Purifiers

Most systems on the market fall into one of two categories – air cleaners or air purifiers. This can frequently cause confusion amongst customers looking for the right system for their requirements. Technically, both types provide the same service; the only difference is in the technology they use.

  • Air cleaners typically use filtration technology. Most of the highest-rated cleaners on the market use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters. Generally made from fiberglass fibers, filters that qualify as HEPA cleanse the air of 99.97% of all particles measuring 0.3 micrometers and larger. This is what makes HEPA so popular, and if you choose a filtration system, be sure it uses HEPA filters.
  • Air purifiers typically use ionization technology to remove contaminates from the air. Ionization is better for removing smaller particles from the air – such as those from odors and gasses.

What Cleaner Works for You?

The important thing to consider when determining what system fits your needs is your cleaning priority. Do you have more problems with allergens such as pollen and pet dander? Dust in the home? If so, find a system that works to remove those from your air. If your focus is instead on gasses such as carbon monoxide, or smoke and other odors, you should choose a system that will eliminate those issues. Our experts can advise you, using their experience to help you pick the system that is right for you.

Making the Most of Your Cleaner

You can choose to have an air cleaner included as part of your new home air quality system, or you can have it installed later; at J.E. Johnson, we will work with you to meet your needs. Once your system is installed, we will guide you through the steps to keep your system maintained and at top efficiency, showing you how to use your system, clean it, and change the filters. We will also provide service and even emergency maintenance to ensure its quality.

As part of your home maintenance, be sure to change the filters regularly. This essential step will make sure your air cleaner's life is long and effective, keeping your indoor air clean and free from contaminants. Give us a call today to see how J. E. Johnson can help you improve the quality of your air!

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