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MIDLAND, MI (JUNE 29, 2012)—Join J.E. Johnson, Inc. in congratulating 12 employees (listed below) who completed the 4 year Associated Builders & Contractors, Saginaw Valley Chapter’s Construction Academy.  Upon completion of these courses and 8000 hours of trade experience, these graduates of the Pipefitting trades’ curriculums are recognized as journeymen. 

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
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The J.E. Johnson Development Group is an innovative consulting firm specializing in community development and redevelopment for municipalities and private customers throughout the state of Michigan. Specifically, we are unique in that all of the professionals required to collaborate on any type of project, simple or complex, are under one roof. Whether it be historic restoration, urban rehabilitation and reuse, or mixed-use redevelopment, we can offer a viable and cost effective solution to our municipal and private sector clients that meets any project's needs. Our entire team is able to concentrate on total project execution through strong and experienced internal leadership instead of having to establish unsuccessful (and sometimes uncontrollable) third party agreements that don't always end up conforming with the interests of the project.

The services we provide to our client partners are truly unique; We specialize in a diverse number of disciplines, specific trades, and high tech applications. It is through these disciplines and trades that we offer our clients a three phase, 'turnkey' or 'package' project development and delivery concept.

We begin by identifying economic development opportunities in individual communities. Coordinating through and working directly with a municipality's management team, we provide a complete spectrum of Consulting Services which are based on sound and creative financial planning; detailed and accurate market analysis; and the incorporation of governmental support programs, incentives, and grants from which a viable project can be created. Secondly, we provide complete, professionally stamped and licensed Design, Architectural, and Engineering Services in all trades and disciplines to, in essence, create the vision of what the completed project will look like (including all necessary budgetary and cost analyses requirements). Lastly, we deliver the project on time and within budget through Construction and Construction Management Services. We provide an expert on site management team to oversee and coordinate all project build-out applications to insure a timely and high quality finished product.

At the J.E. Johnson Development Group, we pride ourselves in building long term relationships with our clients. The skills and experience of our team of professionals provides us with the ability to work side by side with both municipal management teams and the private sector. Together, we identify solid project potentials, develop and implement comprehensive, customized, and attainable solutions to current issues confronting our communities today. Our aggressive, results oriented program spurs accelerated economic growth, revitalizes contaminated, blighted and obsolete areas in our communities, preserves and restores our significant and valuable historic structures, revitalizes our urban areas by spurring increased mixed use and residential opportunities, and increases private sector development and investment.

We invite you to learn more about our professional staff, our clients, and the wide array of services and development capabilities our group has to offer.